Saitama Simulator Codes 2020 ( August 2020 ) Valid and Working!

In this article, we will provide info on how to play the game, redeem code, and other useful game info. We will provide a valid Saitama Simulator Codes 2020 and in one updated list. After redeeming the code, you can get lots of cool items and items.Saitama Simulator Codes 2020 ( August 2020 ) Valid and Working!

About Saitama Simulator Codes

We will explain a little about the Guesty Code. These games are games that fall into the category of favorite games and it is noted that many have played them. You can get lots of free Robux at Guesty by completing offers or obstacles to completion. Each existing offer will reward you with a different amount of Robux, and all you have to do to complete it is watch video ads, complete surveys, answer quizzes, download apps. So, if you need Robux for free, it’s pretty easy to get it at Guesty.

Saitama Simulator codes that we provide can give prizes including: items, pets, gems, coins and more. And when other players try to make money during the game, these codes make it easier for you and you can achieve what you need.

Saitama Simulator Codes ( Active )

Get some robux by redeeming the code we provide below, but codes don’t last too long or may expire, so you’ll need to be quick to redeem them if you want to be able to redeem:

  • 1MillionVisits: Redeem and you will receive a 30 minute speed and power boost.
  • FreeBoosts: Redeem and you will receive 10 minutes of all upgrades.
  • SkillsUpdate: Redeem and you will receive a speed of 3500.
  • 500KVisits: Redeem and you will receive a power of 10k.
  • SuperTraining: Redeem and you will receive 1 hour of speed and power boost.
  • 2KLikes: Redeem and you will receive 4,000 speeds.
  • 8KFavs: Redeem and you will receive a power of 250k.
  • Saitama: Redeem and you will receive 100k of strength.

Stay tuned, keep visiting us for more new codes, as we will enter new codes when there is new code and we are done testing it.

Saitama Simulator Codes ( Expired )

The list below is code that was in the game, but is no longer available for use due to its expiration date. Don’t worry, if you enter the code, you won’t lose what you’ve got.

  • None

How to Redeem Codes Saitama Simulator roblox Game

Changing the code for the Saitama Simulator is very simple. First of all, you just click the blue Twitter button (on the left side of your screen) which will open a blue tab, then enter the code into the table and click redeem.

How to Play Saitama Simulator Roblox Game

Saitama Simulator v9.5.7

Added 2x Boss Token Plan and gamepass for new servers. If it doesn’t work, then your server is outdated.

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Dummy was fixed on the new server, so there were some servers called 9.4.4 but they broke frozen dummies. Look for a new server and sl0th a coder that will restart the server once it’s up.
Added a new party menu system. Parties have levels, and depending on the level of the party leader, you will get a power buff to fight bosses and dolls while at a party.

  • Added new missions
  • New areas on the map have been added.
  • Many bugs from the previous version have been fixed, and Telekinesis crashes have been restored, so it’s safe.

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